Sunrise Pre-Wedding Photos at Trocadero

Priscilla was on a work trip in Europe and extended some vacation time to do a weekend long engagement session. I was so happy that she reached out to me to capture it all. Our time started in Provence where we found a very unexpected field of sunflowers and then continued in Paris an evening session at Pont de Alexandria. Priscilla instantly felt like a long lost friend and spending time with them was special.

To cap of our time together, we ended with a sunrise session at the famous Trocadero, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The couple wore their wedding outfits and met me at the terrace just as the sun was starting to rise. Trocadero is always one of my favorite places to photograph in Paris, but always in the morning! I appreciate how quiet it is and I love watching other couples and photographers creating alongside each other. We had a lovely stroll and created some really beautiful photos. This was actually a tearful goodbye as we had gotten so close on this trip.

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites:




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