bride and groom dancing at griffith observatory

Griffith Observatory Sunrise Wedding

I love when couples think outside of the box. These two creative + wonderful people did just that to celebrate their wedding in Los Angeles.

Let’s skip back to last year when Lawrence messaged me about his idea for proposing to Jenny at one of their favorite boba places. I was so happy to capture this top secret mission that involved a full room full of their friends and family.

Back to the present, the Griffith Observatory is a place where they started to fall for each other and made for the perfect location for their sunrise wedding. They both opted for traditional outfits with Jenny wearing a Vietnamese ao dai and Lawrence wearing a Filipino barong. They were accompanied at the aisle by their family and close friends.

It was LA bright and sunny and they had an intimate ceremony right in front of the iconic building. We waltzed around the grounds, enjoying the views and and creating a little bit of art.