Dog Sledding in Big Sky, Montana

teri b travels

This was the best day of my life.


I travel a lot as a wedding photographer but was most lucky a while back to shoot the winter season of commercial photography for Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. It was my second time experiencing the historic ranch and this time we got to do all of the winter activities.

My Minnesota heart couldn’t have been happier.

This particular day we did a morning dog sledding adventure with Spirit of the North. It was a beautiful 20 minute drive up Lone Mountain Trail.

We geared up in the warming house before all the regular guests started to arrive.

The dogs! So many and each one so unique. Some were quite friendly but most of them were just ready to run. I would’ve gladly taken them all home with me.

The morning trip took as a few miles into the quiet of the mountain. Dan + I rode on a snowmobile to get most of these shots. I felt like I was in an action film. All the groups did a stop for hot cocoa and a cookie before heading back. The whole adventure was about two hours and I can’t recommend it enough.

Click on the tunes + enjoy <3