painterly engagement photos, leica m11

Painterly Engagement Photos in San Francisco

Katherine & Brian

As the fall season starts to really settle in, I wanted to take a little time to feature this beautiful engagement session I did earlier this summer. Mark Twain famously said ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco’ and for good reason. This session was earlier in August but really nods to a moodier, fall day. I met Katherine & Brian this late afternoon at Baker Beach as a huge cloud rolled over the Golden Gate Bridge. As we explored through the barracks and ruins of Battery Chamberlain the clouds drifted upwards just in time for us to sneak in a few images with the SF icon.

A renowned designer and personal friend of mine once referred to my work as painterly. It’s always been a precious compliment to me as I am most inspired by old world impressionist art. The effect comes from using my Leica M [a fully manual digital camera] by not finding the ‘calculatedly correct’ focus. The result is a ‘soft’ focus giving the image a slightly blurry effect. It is something that over the years I lean into when documenting couples as I find it helps better capture a feeling and mood far more dramatically than a perfectly focused shot. Sometimes magical shots are purely by … accident. But I live by the phrase luck favors the prepared.

I am so happy to share this small set that is very dear to my heart. The blues, the blurs, the fun between this couple and the romance of the city by the bay.

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couple at battery chamberlain in baker beach
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painterly engagement photos, leica m11
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