Paris Elopement Guide – Best Places to Elope in Paris [updated for 2024]

Locations, Inspiration and Practical Information for planning an Elopement or Wedding in Paris, France.

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Paris is for lovers. The city of light is full of charm and history, streets with familiar landmarks and scenes from the greatest painters and poets. Sights and settings that evoke romance, with a wide array of neighborhoods and districts for any aesthetic. Over the years I have come to learn, love and admire so much about this beloved city. This guide will give you all the insight for having an intentional, thoughtful & stunning elopement in Paris, France. I have spend some time putting together the best of locations in the city as well as some practical advice for shooting in and around the city.

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How to Elope in Paris:

  1. Choose some locations in the city that you love, narrowing down a place to actually exchange your vows or do any ceremony you’d like to do. If you’d like a larger ceremony reach out to wedding venues and gather some information. You can do this right from your home
  2. Pick a date. Start looking at airfare & accommodations, including family and wedding guests if you are inviting them [3-10 months out]
  3. Find a photographer who’s work you love and that you connect with. Feel free to get in touch here
  4. If we work together, we can make a dedicated plan for your celebration
  5. Get marriage license from your local city if you are not French
  6. Celebrate your union with a symbolic ceremony, vow exchange and photos in the city
  7. Pop the champagne, you are married and together in Paris!
how to elope in paris, paris skyline
how to elope in paris
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Where are the most beautiful places to Elope in Paris?

Paris has a wide array of locations to have a wedding ceremony that captures the essence of the beautiful city. Whether you are seeking a specific venue or a more low-key spot for an intimate ceremony I have a few ideas here for your perfect Paris wedding location.

Hotel Wedding in Paris. A great way to go to have your accommodation and venue all in one. These venues specialize in bigger and smaller unions.

The Ritz Carlton Paris, The Shangri la , The Peninsula [right by the Opera Garnier], Hotel Particulier in Montmontre, Hotel Solaman de Rothschild at Champs Elysees, Plaza Athenee, St James

Paris City Parks. An easy option to have an intimate wedding ceremony or vow exchange with an iconic Parisian Park Backdrop.

Consider: Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Luxembourg Gardens, Jardin du Tuileries, Parc Monceau, a lesser known partially abandoned Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale

Iconic Paris Landmarks to Elope. These locations are hotspots, they are uniquely Parisian and beloved areas.

Champs de Mars [gardens at the base of the Eiffel Tower], Place de Trocaderro, Opera Garnier, The Louvre, bridges along the Seine near Notre Dame [Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III, Champs Elysees, Sacré-Cœur, Grand Palais

Unique Places to Elope in Paris. A few less cliche locations I’ve long admired over the years, worth considering.

The Catacombs de Paris, Place des Vosges/Palais Royale, Museum D’Orsay, Shakespeare & Co Bookshop, Pont de BirHakeim [from Inception], The Fontaine Médicis, Père Lachaise Cemetery. Beyond Paris consider: Mont St Michel, Provence, Rocamadour & Region Dordogne.

There are so many options and choices for your wedding or elopement in Paris. Keep continuing down the page for more inspiration and help with your own special day.

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Can you legally get married in France if you are not a French Citizen?

Technically, no. French law requires at least one of the couple to have ‘long-lasting bond’ with a town or local area where the civil ceremony will take place. So having a wedding ceremony at a Paris courthouse is only an option if either of you have an address in Paris. If you are not a French citizen, the easiest way to get married in France is to have a symbolic ceremony. Some of my past couples have done a civil ceremony back in their hometown at city hall and then exchange vows and celebrate over in Paris.

What is the best time of year for a Wedding or Elopement in Paris?

When it comes to deciding when the best time of the year to get married in Paris its nice to know that overall, Paris has fairly mild seasons. Undoubtedly, It’s easy to enjoy most parts of the city any time of year but there are a few tricks for avoiding crowds and peak tourist months.

Winter [November-late February] It can be really cold in Paris but snow is rare. The winter months lend themselves to cool air and rain. These months, outside of mid-December to the New Year, tend to be the least crowded time of the year.

Spring [March-May] This is an absolutely magical time to be in the city. Cherry Blossoms usually pop up mid-March to late April and Paris isn’t crammed with tourists. The gardens are lovely even if the air is still cool. Rain can be common though so keep that in mind.

Summer [June-August] Peak time in Paris. Lots of city events, festivals and celebrations take place during the summer months. The days are much longer and everyone in the city takes advantage of it. If you have to choose a summer month consider very early morning sessions to avoid crowds.

Fall [Sept-October] Solid time to visit the city, the summer weather tends to linger into the fall months and the crowds deeply lessen, especially in October. Don’t count on too many fall leaves but the air will be more crisp.

The best days of the week to Elope in Paris

Even if you can manage an off-season visit for your wedding or elopement I would still recommend a weekday for any photo sessions in the city. If you are having your wedding at a set venue, any time is okay since the space will be specifically reserved for you and your guests. If you are planning an elopement ceremony or vow exchange somewhere in the city I would highly recommend a weekday. Fridays can be wonderful for formalities and then allowing your guests to enjoy the weekend in the city.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I am always a huge advocate for sunrise since locations are usually empty and the morning light is stunning. There are also very few street peddlers and vendors, the best chance at clutter-free photos is sunrise. Sunset in Paris is stunning, I will not lie. I’ve seen businessmen stop and watch sunsets on bridges and the magic of the evening lights around the city is undeniable. If we are able to work together I will recommend doing at least one session at sunrise to take great advantage of crowd-less landmarks.

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Getting around and logistics of getting married in Paris

Paris is a walking city. There is an excellent metro system which is very safe and they have Uber all over. As far as where to stay, I recommend staying in a central location anywhere in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th. I particularly vacation rentals because they are more spacious and authentic. I always feel a little more Parisian. When it comes to a getting ready location look for great window light and wider, open spaces. Bonus points for charm & cool views of the city.

Crime & Strikes

Just like any other major city, Paris is no stranger to crime. It’s best to be vigilant always, especially around the Eiffel tower and major tourist spots. I’ve never had a problem in the city capturing wedding days for couples. Strikes are a common occurrence in Paris and it’s good to be aware of when major events and celebrations are happening in the city [the 2024 Olympics, Tour de France, Bastille Day, etc]. It’s good to have backup plans in place in case desired locations are not available.

Meet Your Favorite Paris Wedding & Elopement Photographer

I was lucky to travel to Paris as a young child and fell in love with it all the moment I stepped out of the train station at Gare du Nord. I visited many more times after that enjoying France a little more with each visit. When I was just getting into photography professionally, I packed up two suitcases and spent the summer in the 9th, just a stones throw from my personal favorite place in the city, the Opera Garnier.

In these two months I took time to hone my craft and learn everything I could about this remarkable city. I would spend days walking as far as I could, taking side streets and discovering hidden alleys and alcoves. I visited museums and parks, experienced the city in the early morning hours and also in the late summer evenings when the city transformed into another world of magic and light. It was a formative summer of creativity, crafting my unique voice to the art through my daily inspirations in Paris. I came back the next summer to do it all over again.

Though I am not fluent in French, I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the beautiful city. Guiding you through your Paris Elopement and creating memories for you on your wedding day would be an immense honor.

You can learn more information on my about page, check out some recent wedding stories on my blog or check out some other amazing destination wedding inspiration. Ready to get started planning your Paris Wedding? GET IN TOUCH.

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Distinct Paris Elopement & Wedding Packages

-Signature Coverage by Teri B

-Explore anywhere in Paris or surrounding areas and regions

-Blend of digital & 35mm film coverage

-Consultation and my personalized help to craft a photographic plan for your elopement

-4 hours to all day coverage, can be split into multiple days

-Full Resolution Images hosted on your very own online gallery

-Travel fees included

Elopements starting at $4500usd, full coverage wedding days starting at $7000usd.

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