Chicago Wedding Photography – Cinematic and Artistic Approach to Wedding Photos

“Teri has an impeccable ability to balance clear, gentle direction with a

spirit of spontaneity. She’s both well-prepared and adaptable – able to

hold a clear vision and keep an open mind. It’s quite remarkable!

It feels like she’s playing, but she knows exactly what she’s doing and about to capture.”

Recent kind words from a bride

Chicago is one of the most amazing cities in the world and just a wonder from a wedding photographer’s perspective. I visited the city for the first time as a young adult and was taken with the incredible architecture and metropolitan personality of such a city that lies in the heart of the Midwest. In recent years I’ve come to appreciate Chicago’s dedication to the arts and history and food and trains. I recall walking along the Chicago River in the summer and remarking how similar to Paris it felt with people lounging a reading books in the sun and sipping wine with friends after work. It effortlessly felt European.

The Birthplace of Modern Architecture

After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 many architects flocked to the city for the opportunity to make a place for themselves in the rebuilding efforts. The result is a unique collection of prominent buildings in a variety of styles. Chicago is home to some of the largest and most diverse skyscrapers in the world. There are public outdoor works by Chagall, Picasso, Miró and, Abakanowicz as well as collection of city sculptures honoring people and topics from the history of Chicago. Chicago From Millennium Park to the Cultural Center, from Lakeshore Drive and Lincoln Park to the charming bridges along the Chicago River, this city offers diverse and impressive background options for wedding photos.

Wedding Photography in Chicago

Given its history, the range of architectural styles of wedding venues in Chicago is unmatched. It’s the most impressive collection of historical buildings and structures in one place, probably anywhere in the US. You can pick from one of the downtown classics like the Chicago Cultural Center, the Ivy Room or the Drake or something a little further outside of the city like Artifact Events, the Bridgeport Art Center, the Rookery or Cafe Brauer. You can have a library setting like at the impressive Newberry or an industrial setting like the Morgan MFG, Revel Motor Row, City View Loft or the Chicago Firehouse.

A Nostalgic Soul with an Artistic Approach…

Hello! I’m Teri B, a Chicago based wedding photographer with a passion for traveling and creating art for wonderful people. I am delighted you found this page.

My work is deeply rooted in artful storytelling using a blend of photo-journalism and fine art. I strive to create images with depth and feeling. Admittedly, I am old soul and I love to incorporate romance and mood into my photos using shadows, thoughtful composition and light as it is given.


Don’t you shoot Weddings in California?

For the past eight years I have been based in California, first Los Angeles and more recently the Bay Area. I am originally from Minnesota and have family there and in Indiana. As my partner and I look ahead to our futures we keep inching back to the Midwest where we both have family and friends in every direction. We want a better quality of life for ourselves and seem to find that in the Chicagoland Area. I will continue to serve the California market but am dedicated to finding my way here in the impressive wedding industry of Chicago.

What if you haven’t photographed a wedding at my Chicago venue?

I may be new to Chicago but I am not new to photographing weddings. Over the past nine years I have documented all types of weddings in all kinds of different venues. Ballrooms, industrial spaces, hotels, in museums and city halls, wineries and barns, you name it. If I haven’t photographed at your exact wedding venue in Chicago I’d be happy to share a gallery with similarities from my archives. Part of my preparation is either site visit together, dropping in on a rehearsal or scouting on my own before the big day. I like to start thinking about compositions beforehand and have art goals for us before the day begins.

What do you bring that is unique to Wedding Photography?

I bring a unique artistry to documenting a wedding day. My style is photojournalistic yet whimsical. Deep yet playful. Wondrous yet soulful. Intentional and graceful. I have a deep passion for capturing not only the moments but also the way the moments feel. I craft images that feel cinematic, painterly, emotive, and romantic. The work is deeply personal and I see this as my life’s work. I also capture weddings on a manual rangefinder Leica M11. I photograph on digital and 35mm film.

Are there extra travel fees?

None. I am on the road most of the time and love it. My pricing does not have any hidden fees. When it comes to pricing, the first step is to get in touch.

Do you have a favorite pizza place in the city?

For me, it doesn’t get better than the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder.

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