Stylish and Romantic Engagement Photos in Colorado Springs

Thrilled to get this Colorado Springs Engagement session up on the blog that features the famed Garden of the Gods and the Paint Mines Interpretive Park. Amy and Sam wanted to commemorate their time in Colorado before moving back home to the east coast. They wanted photos that celebrated their engagement but also celebrated the natural beautiful of the area.

I would be remised if I didn’t mention the couples style. Amy’s all black played so well against the colors of the Paint Mines and she carried along a small bouquet of fluffy pampas and dried palm leaves. Similar styles can be found here on Etsy. Sam matched in a black ensemble with a vintage polo top. Their Garden of the Gods look was more relaxed and laidback, leaning into neutral colors.

The drive between the two places did take some time, especially with shooting in late fall. We planned ahead so we could get all we needed before the sun started to set over the valley. As a bonus, we caught twilight at the Balanced Rock on our way out of the park. It was magic.

Hope you enjoy this set. Shot on a hybrid mix of digital and film.

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