couple wedding portrait on 35mm film

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35mm film wedding photography

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35mm Film Wedding Photography

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One afternoon, my grandfather pulled out an envelope filled with an assortment of old photographs. Some were black and white, some were color, some professional, some very amateur. Every photo at it's own shade of wear whether it was oddly shaped or scallop cut, had a trace of glue or scribbled markings on the back.

He went through each one, sharing with me a small chapter in his life. We spent the afternoon sharing these memories and afterward let me hold on to them for safekeeping.

My dear grandfather has been gone for many years but I still keep the envelope, tucked away in a secret book. From time to time I’ll take them out and remember that afternoon together.

I have a great admiration for taking photos on film. There's a magical, nostalgic element to the whole process that gets me really excited about creating images this way.

I'm thrilled to offer 35mm film as an add-on to my wedding packages. All packages include your choice of black and white or color, original negatives and digitized copies. I also include prints of every image so one day you can sit down on an afternoon with someone you want to know your story.


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35mm film wedding photography, portra 800

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35mm film wedding photography

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Elegant Ranch Wedding on 35mm

35mm wedding photography

Kirkland and Peter hosted family and friends at the beautiful Beltane Ranch in Sonoma County for both their welcome dinner and their wedding day. I had the great pleasure of being there for both events.

I can’t think of a bride that went above and beyond to create a special place for her guests to enjoy. A perfect example of this was at the welcome dinner. Kirkland took time to print out photos and handwrite notes to each guest. Her thoughtful attention to detail was evident throughout the weekend and made the weekend extra special for everyone.

A few of my favorite moments from their wedding weekend on a blend of Portra 160 and 400 35mm film.

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How it works...

When you add-on 35mm film to your wedding package you get complete digital coverage as well as scattered moments throughout the day on film. The goal is to use film to enhance the storytelling of your digital files. I am supplementing film throughout the day and every moment is fair game. I love getting out the retro flash and am constantly developing and expanding how I utilize this tool during a wedding.

As far as film type, my go to is Portra 400 or 160 as it seems to pair with my digital photography the best. I find also find the tones to be the nicest. The film type is really up to you though. Color, black and white, or I can help pick a fun one like Extar or some of the tinted hues based on your day and details.

The package includes:

Three Rolls of 35mm film*


Digital Scanned Copies of Images

Original Negatives

100 printed 4x6 images in matte paper

*More can be added but I find this is a good place to start

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35mm Film Wedding Photography