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Package 1

-5 hours of photography coverage

-One Photographer [teri b or associate]

-Digital Coverage


-At least 500 Full Resolution Images

-Online Gallery, hosting for one year

-Travel & Tax included


This packages offers the basic coverage for a wedding day and may have teri b or an associate as your photographer. Possible add-ons would be an engagement session or additional hours.

This still gives you signature editing and wonderful coverage of your wedding day at a reduced rate.

Package 2

-8 hours of photography coverage

-One Photographer [teri b]

-Digital & Film Coverage [at least 2 rolls of 35mm film]


-At least 750 Full Resolution Images

-Online Gallery, hosting for one year

-Travel & Tax included


This is a good place to start for most couples wanting coverage of most of the wedding day and teri b as their photographer. You might want to consider an additional photographer if you have over 125 guests or additional hours if you have more than one location.

Albums and engagement sessions are add-ons to this package.

Package 3

-10 hours of photography coverage, up to 12 hours

-Two Photographers [teri b & second shooter]

-Welcome Dinner Coverage, Pre/Post Wedding or Engagement Session [two hours]

-Digital & Film Coverage [3 rolls of 35mm film]


-At least 800 Full Resolution Images, +150 from included session

-Online Gallery, hosting for one year

-Travel & Tax included within the US


This package includes the best of everything I offer for a wedding day. I love the extra time with my couples in this package have tailored this to provide a white glove experience from start to finish.

It’s all in this one.

Fine Art 35mm Film Package

-8 hours of signature coverage

-More involved planning & consultation

-At least 8 rolls of 35mm film, your choice of color or b&w

-Editing, scanning & processing

-600+ final images, Full Resolution

-Gift Print Package with 11x14 fine art print & 50 4x6 matte print OR 10x10, 20 page fine art album

-Online gallery hosting, at least one year

-Travel & tax within CA & IL included

A dedicated package for film and fine art enthusiasts. This package includes signature coverage exclusively on digital and analog Leica M rangefinder cameras.

You may get less images in this package but the imagery will have a distinctly artistic look and feel throughout.



-Second Photographer $800

-Engagement Session [90 minute session with gift welcome book] $1000

-Welcome Dinner Coverage [two hours] $1000

-Deluxe 35mm Film package [at least six total rolls with developing, negatives & 50 prints] $1000

-Mini Engagement Session One Hour $600 - *limited availability

-Additional hours 500/per hour

-Fine Art Album - Bespoke design starting at $1500

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Welcome Dinner, 35mm Film, 150 guests, One Photographer

Fine Art Package, One Photographer

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