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why else are we here, if not to live with

unreasonable passion for things

-butterflies rising

I was 11 when I fell in love with Paris. I can still remember the curiosity I felt as the train slowed to our final stop at Gare de Nord. We walked out of the station in a flurry of fellow travelers coming and going. The air was thick with chaos but there was also a kind of calm about it. I remember looking down the long streets, studying the buildings, alleyways and doors. Trying to place it all. It was something of history from my books in school but also something I could've never dreamed up. Something I still can't quite place after years of visits and a couple long summer stays.

This kind of magic I may never fully understand but will always want to be part of.

If you've found this page I'm hoping you share this wonder or are wanting to discover it soon.

I photograph a handful of Weddings in France each year and would be honored to capture your story in this beautiful place.

Feel free to reach me more detailed pricing at [email protected]

Weddings start at 3200usd and include travel

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