unbelievable sunset at monument valley

Monument Valley

Destination Series

It’s been a long journey, across many continents and millennia. The urge to keep moving, keep questioning, has taken us over the oceans, through the forests, and sometimes back to the beginning again.

So, where are we? -Rick Jordan


Part of a series from road-tripping through Northern Arizona. This day we drove up from Page into the outskirts of Monument Valley. The conditions outside the park were just right so we pulled off in a few different spots. This trip feels like a lifetime ago, my life has changed in so many ways since these images. Somehow, I still remember the way it felt to sit against these stones. I remember the chill in the air, the slight smell of dust with the imminence of rain. I remember the silence, only the sound of an occasional passing car.  I remember looking out onto the valley like it was all mine. I felt small. I felt full.

It was everything, in that moment. Until next time.