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Teri B uses a blend of photo-journalism & fine art to create collections that feel uniquely truthful and incredibly special.

Storytelling is universal. I believe it is possible to share and understand stories, regardless of language, culture and upbringing. Indian Weddings are a celebration of love, family and tradition. My approach to these remarkable ceremonies is rooted in carefully crafted storytelling. Capturing environment, moments and details in an artful way so that you will be able to remember all the moments, just as they happened.

I bring a unique, outsider perspective to documenting these events. Indian Wedding collections highlight my ability to capture authentic moments and dynamic portraiture. Honoring family and culture is at the core of Indian ceremonies and weddings and I take great care in making sure everyone is included and documented beautifully.

Photographing Indian Weddings are some of my personal favorite kinds of work.

I am available for South Asian Weddings in Southern California, the Bay Area and the Chicago Tri-State Area without additional travel fees. I travel all over the world for weddings with reasonable fees.

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"She brings something new to the South Asian wedding scene that hasn't been done before."

-Sepali Valik, Owner Events by Sep

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Teri is a photographer that has a unique eye!  After meeting and working with Teri, I had a deep appreciation for the talent she offers her clients.  She goes above and beyond to put 110% into every wedding/event.  We have worked on many Indian weddings together and her eye for capturing moments is truly special!  So many moments came to life in her photos.  She captured the vibrancy, culture, and joyful traditions in a refreshing way.  She brings something new to the South Asian wedding scene that hasn't been done before.

Her calming presence and upbeat personality makes the day so wonderful to work alongside her!  I love how she guides the couples on what is happening next, and narrates the process for photos with them.  It really makes the day go by so much smoother!

I love Teri and love making magic happen with her with each wedding!  -Sepali Vakil, Owner of Bandit Queen & Events by Sep

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